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Artificial Turf: You will be able to get back your initial investment soon because you will be able to save money on your water bill. You will also be able to save money on maintenance costs. The average lifecycle costs of a natural grass field over a 20 year period are 15 percent higher than artificial turf.

Natural Grass: Maintaining natural grass will require a lot of hard work on your part. Natural grass requires frequent fertilizing, mowing and seeding. This creates ongoing expenses.

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Artificial turf is not only good for your wallet. It is also better for the environment. Below are some of the ways that artificial turf is a better choice for the environment:

  • Eliminates The Need For Herbicides, Pesticides And Fertilizers – According to the North Carolina Department Of Environment And Natural Resources, the number one source of pollution in this state is polluted storm water. A lot of this pollution comes from excessive pesticide use and over fertilized lawns.
  • • Eliminates The Need For Fuel-Powered Motors And Aerators – This means no gas leaks and emissions. A push mower can emit as much pollution as 11 cars in just one hour. A riding lawn mower can emit as much pollution as 34 cars in just one hour.
  • • Eliminates Grass Clippings – Grass clippings happen to be the third-biggest component of municipal solid waste.
  • • Keeps Millions Of Tires Out Of Landfills – Artificial turn infill is composed of used tires that have been crushed. It is estimated that 105 million tires have been kept out of landfill sites thanks to artificial turf.
  • • Decrease Asthma and Other Illnesses That Are Triggered By The Environment



Artificial Turf – Artificial turf is always green. Only light maintenance is required to keep it looking that way.

Natural Grass – Natural grass may have brown or yellow spots. It can also be affected by dry conditions and mud.


Artificial Turf – Artificial turf can reduce athletic injuries by up to 40 percent because of the extra rubbing padding that it has. It also has an even surface, which can reduce the chances of slipping. Artificial turf is also an excellent option for people who are disabled. Furthermore, creating appealing, safe places to play sports can improve fitness in both children and adults.

Natural Grass – The uneven surfaces can result in injuries.


Artificial Turf – It can be used for 3,000 hours per year. It is extremely durable and can recover quickly from frequent use.

Natural Grass – It frequently wears down and requires watering.


Artificial Turf – The even surface can help create smoother, faster movements.

Natural Grass – The uneven surface can produce inconsistent speeds.

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